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Compliance to instrumentation requirements of the water / wastewater sectors can be fully ensured by our long-standing partner NIVELCO company's wide product range. 
NIVELCO products cover all the technological needs for water production and purification. All products are available with the ATEX Ex certificate and comply with the requirements of EU Directives. 

Multi-point temperature sensors

Designed for temperature measurements in different depths of powder, granule, grain, flour and liquid tanks. Used in storing and production of industrial products, food and animal food. 

SIKO magnetic measuring technologies for high-precision solutions

In addition to the already known instruments for measuring length, angle, inclination and rotation speed, SIKO now offers a new MA508/1 electronic display with a magnetic band sensor for a high-resolution measurement control. Comparing with the previous models, its main advantage is a higher resolution and accuracy, allowing it to be used in sectors such as woodworking or metalworking where high precision is important.

The new multifunctional SICK PowerPro Photo sensors won’t let any object pass by unseen


The new standard for reliable detection with an extended sensing range can’t be measured with a conventinal yard stick. With sensing ranges from 5 cm to 3.8 m, no object goes undetected by the PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensor. To achieve this, not only have SICK packed all the advantages of time-of-flight technology in the world’s smallest housing – they have also increased the detection speed. 

Synergy – the new-generation soft starter by Fairford


A while ago Fairford, the partner of Lāsma Ltd. has launched a new series of soft starters – Synergy, that is now replacing the previous XFE series. Soft starters are designed for light and heavy loads, with integrated bypass roads and protection of motor overload, short circuit, phase disappearances, etc.

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